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For several centurites, the center for the production of artistic glass was located in the region of the modern-day Czech Republic. «Аида» is a unique elite manufactory in Karlovy Vary, and deals mainly with grinding, cutting and engraving objects of crystal glass. 

The Masters at "Aida" possess a rare professionalism and preserve the unique tradition of manual production, which is currently hardly ever. Only few people in today's world can perform this level of work with crystal glass.


"Aida" is primarily the result of an impeccable and inimitable engraving. Their paintings on glass hit the most exquisite admirers and collectors. Factory Master offers you a truly unique work of art.

«Аида» first of all stands for an impeccable result and an inimitable engraving. Their paintings on glass stun the most exquisite admirers and collectors. The master of the manufactory offer you a truely unique work of art.

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Сообщение: Hi, I have found an old carafe Aida musician at home written "Vydro Paul 92" but can't find any info on the internet. Can you give me more info about that carafe and maybe its value? Thank you

Loris, 25 November 2018

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