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Manufactory "Aida"

In the past few centuries, the region of the modern-day Czech Republic has been the center for the production of artistic glassware. “Aida” is a unique manufacture and luxury brand from Karlovy Vary, which specializes in grinding, cutting, and engraving crystal glass objects. The masters at “Aida” excel in their level of professionalism and remain faithful to the unique tradition of this specific type of craftsmanship, which has become rare in the contemporary world. The perfection and the quality of their work is unique and only few people in the world have developed skills to this level. 

"Aida" is primarily the result of an impeccable and inimitable engraving. Their paintings on glass hit the most exquisite admirers and collectors. Factory Master offers you a truly unique work of art.

"Aida" first of all stands for an impeccable result and an inimitable engraving. Their paintings on glass stun the most exquisite admirers and collectors. The masters of the manufactory offer you a truely unique work of art.


Engraving designs



17 June 2024

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Zahradní 616/1, 360 01 Karlovy Vary


+420 777 779 108, +420 353 220 052





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